So, the big news I alluded to earlier is that the Mrs. and I are pregnant! (She’s pregnant, I’m just a by-stander at this point) She’s in the 2nd trimester and doing well. Apparently these 3 months are the ‘best’ since most women aren’t sick and they have energy, unlike the 1st and 3rd trimesters. Things are going smoothly as far as we can tell, but we started getting some strange postcards in the mail about 2 weeks ago. My Mom claims to have no knowledge of the source of these cards, but I think she knows more than she’s letting on.

Word on the street is that the postcards were mailed to some of our friends and family with the following note:

As you may already know, Nick and the Mrs. will welcome an addition to their family later this year. We thought everyone would enjoy “helping” them name their little cheechako*.

If you’d like, fill out the postcard with your boy and girl name suggestions and mail it directly to [them]. Get creative and have fun! We have included more than one postcard so that your friends and family can send their picks. We know that sometimes we don’t all agree – and some of us are more creative than others!

… Once the postcards begin to pile up at their bungalow, we will let them in on the festivities.

Once they figure out who started this mess, we will ask them to pick a couple of their favorites. Prizes will be sent to the lucky winners, but don’t be disappointed if your baby name is chosen but doesn’t appear on the birth certifiate. It’s just for fun.

*Cheechako (chee * cha * ko): Tenderfoot, a newcomer to Alaska. A term from the Alaskan gold rush; It describes someone who is completely new to the territory, a tenderfoot, a babe in the woods. [It’s also not very complimentary, as locals have informed us – Ed.]

So. Let the games begin. Since the Mrs. and I have no idea who is behind this (unless my Mom fesses up), we’re going to need some clues. Any help would be appreciated. I will also periodically post some of the entries we’ve received so far, starting with these (in no particular order):

Girl / Boy
Penguina Sitka / Igloo Tusk
Chee’gir / Chee’bo
Elizabeth Michele / Roman Michael
Siobhan / Muircheartaigh (bonus points if anyone can tell us how to pronounce these. –Ed.)
Hannah Marie / Benjamin Charles


  • Love it. Feed it. Keep it clean. Don’t let it fall on its head.
  • If s/he wants to suck its thumb, dress him/her in the nighties that have a drawstring at the sleeves (if they still make them!). It works!
  • Do not listen to the advice of parents – family – friends. Take the advise only of your Doctor – unless, of course, the others seem to make sense!!
  • Enjoy this most precious time – it’s wonderful, scary, exciting, overwhelming & just amazing. Treasure it all & soon your lives will be changed drastically but all for the better.