Background is at the Cheechako post, and I must say that people have taken the “Get creative and have fun!” part of the instructions to heart. We’re glad to get the suggestions and advice (for the amusement factor if nothing else), so keep it coming. We’re up to 41 postcards and the trip to the mail box is much more fun now that we have mail to look forward to. Names and advice below the fold…

Girl / Boy
Peach Blossom / Tiger Tail
Catalpa Calina / Tsuga Tucker
Avery Nicole / Brock Lee
Madison Nickole / Michael Drew
Sarah Jane / Nicholas Charles


  • Welcome to the new little Person coming to your house. May your joys & laughter be excessive & your tears be few or ones of happiness and may love, love, love & patience abount. A wonderful life to you all.
  • Give ample sunlight once sprouted.