So while it was nice to get out of overcast Alaska for a while, we were disappointed in how amazingly hot it was in Eastern Washington. I for one don’t like walking around in heat that reminds me of an oven. Every single day was above 100 degrees F, most topped 110, and two days made it past 120.

Luckily, the day we played outdoor games it was only 110 or so.  (as opposed to indoor games like: shake a jar of cream until it makes butter – I kid you not. It takes about 15 minutes of ‘brisk’ agitation. A good game to tire out the kids…who can make butter first?)

I was drinking about 6 litres of water each day. It was a joyous feeling to get off the plane in Alaska and feeling the cool moist coastal air…a comfortable 57. Ah, home sweet home.