Margaret tagged me with some book questions, so here it goes:

Fact or fiction? 80% fiction and 20% fact, although I abhor True Crime.
One book that

…changed your life: None. For whatever reason, I’m entertained or educated, but I can’t say any book has changed my life.

…you’ve read more than once: Whoa, I have to pick just one? Well, the first book I saw when I looked up was The Onion Girl, by Charles De Lint. He’s a good story-teller, is creative, and seems to do good research before writing.

…you’d want on a desert island: US Army Survival Manual: FM 21-76 Hey, it’s all about survival.

…made you laugh: Cryptonomicron by Neal Stephenson. It had that dry, self-depreciating humor that always makes me laugh. If you thought The Thomas Crown Affair was funny, you’ll like this book.

…made you cry: Wellll…it was more of a blurring than tearing, but The Summer Tree by Guy Gavriel Kay was very moving the first time I read it.

…you wish had never been written: Boo…hiss. This is like asking what book I’d like to ban. Banning books is for losers. I’ll pass on this one.

…you wish had been written: Whew, a hard one. I wish C.S. Lewis had written a story, from Christ’s perspective, about the passion and resurrection.

…that is empowering me: The Millionaire Next Door by Dr. Stanley and Dr. Danko. Capitalist though I am, this is less a book about avarictic consumption, and more about living simply.

…you’re currently reading: Building Harlequin’s Moon by Larry Niven and Brenda Cooper.

…you’ve been meaning to read: I’ll take American History for 2, Alex. Democracy in America by Alexis de Tocqueville and The Federalist Papers by Alexander Hamilton.

Being a big party pooper, I’m going to resist any urges to tag others.