Time is getting short before the baby is due, so I’m upping the per post name count. My sister has confirmed there will be prizes, but we don’t have a day for announcing winners – yet. For my friends who may be visiting this site for the first time – some background.

Girl / Boy

Niheaya / Tahkin Rayne
Star Angel / Brock Lee
Angela Michelle / Matthew Carl
Samantha / Porter
Abigail Rose / Kabe Michael
Aubrey / Tyson
Amelia / Igiugig
Emily / Dylan
Aurora / Juno
Nether / Nether
Fiona / Nikolai
Eden / Liam


  • The joys of parenthood will far outhweight the hardships of parenthood. Notice we didn’t say outnumber!
  • Love! Enjoy! Share your precious child with the grandparents who will be bursting with pride! Blessings to all in your happy family.
  • Take one day at a time. Be patient. Get a lot of sleep (ed. Yeah, word on the street is that’s not going to happen). Love unconditionally. Expect your life to be a lot different. Don’t believe everything you hear!
  • Be flexible and grow. Be good to yourself, accept the mistakes of yourself and your children. Have fun and rediscover the child within you (ed. I think the Mrs. would say I never lost the inner child). Best of everything!
  • A good baby sitter is indispensable to parents everywhere.