So Juneau is on the receiving end of some unusual weather for this time of year.  We’ve been slammed by a week of snow – estimates range from 3′-4′ – and now we’re waking up to single digit temperatures.  I went to work and it was 4 degrees out.  When I came home it was 10.  On a positive note, we’re actually seeing the sun again!  It’s amazing weather, just not normal for the area.  We actually have icicles hanging from our roof that are taller than I am!  Some residents are enjoying the second earliest opening in the local ski area’s history or romping in the snow, while others are not so pleased.  We’ve decided to hunker down and drink cocoa.  For some reason November has disappeared without us noticing and we realized that the baby is due in just 2.5 weeks.  Pretty soon we’ll start counting in days instead.  Cool.