Girl / Boy
Aquanetta / Berry, Brook, Eagle
Sunny Skies / Chance Rain
Katmai Kate / Denali Dan
Alyeska / Miki Nicky
Allie / Denali
Eureka / Klondike
Mya / Gavin (Ed. Finally, some normal names!)
Delaney / Kyle
Faith Tansy / Matthias Methuselah (Ed. Oops. Spoke too soon.)
Kaitlyn Michelle / Kevin Matthew


  • Sleep is only for the very young and the very old…you’re in the middle now, so forget about sleep for a few years.
  • Always take time to do silly things in front of your kids -“embarassment is the spice of life!”
  • Always plan to leave 10 minutes before your kids begin to throw a trantrum. 🙂
  • Don’t under estimate the power of seaddling your infant to relax them at bedtime.
  • Don’t miss anything the first year – It goes so quickly. Housework can wait!
  • Take lots of pictures and videos.