December 2006

For those who don’t know, the Mrs. and I like to shoot.  It’s a fun sport and we’re somewhat good at it (the Mrs. picked up some gold at a national championship when we were in college and I may have a medal or two of lesser status).  So we have a vested interest in the right to keep and bear arms (RKBA) that is enshrined in the Second Ammendment.  My blogroll has a couple bloggers who write on this issue from time to time and do a much better job of it than I can.

This is a long way of saying that you should go read this essay by Kevin of The Smallest Minority.  He does a thorough take-down of an anti-gun/gun control supporter using logic and simple statistics.  It’s a fairly compact summary of most anti-gun arguments and the proper counter-arguments.

Go.  Read.


If you click on ‘More’, you’ll see part of an email that was forwarded to me from one of the higher-ups at work. I imagine something like this would snag me…it’s sneaky. That said, a quick internet search revealed it may not be entirely true. From (

There’s no way to verify whether this anonymous, first-person account is authentic, but the type of fraud it warns against is real enough, so the message is worth heeding even if it is slightly misleading.

It’s misleading in that it gives the impression that this type of scam is brand new and only pertains to the three-digit security code now found on the backs of most credit cards. In reality, it’s a very old and familiar form of fraud that requires credit card holders to be protective of all the information pertaining to their accounts.

Any of these individual bits of information may be just what the scammer needs to “fill in the blanks” and gain full access to your account, so beware.


A Merry Christmas and happy holiday to everyone.  I thought I’d pass on one of our holiday traditions.  On Christmas Eve the Mrs. and I settle into a cooking frenzy in anticipation of Christmas brunch and our annual Christmas Eve dinner – mac & cheese and hotdogs.  After making a breakfast casserole for the next day we toil on a gourmet mac and cheese dish with a garnish of hot dogs.

This was born, as all good traditions are, out of a unique event that became a signature dish for the Mrs. and I when we were first married.  Our first Christmas together we couldn’t find anything tempting for dinner in the larder.  On a whim, the Mrs. decided she was craving mac & cheese.  I can’t stand mac & cheese from a box without a hotdog to cut that cheese (yes, I appreciate the irony of using fake meat to deal with fake cheese).  The next year we successfully found a better recipe for mac & cheese and we’ve used it ever since.

Whatever your traditions are, I hope they strengthen familiar bonds and give the holidays the warm glow of happiness.

Well, the big day finally arrived and the Mrs. and I are proud parents of a baby boy. Baby and Mother are in good health, although the labor was…laborious to say the least. Thank God I’m a guy.

Mandi W. is the grand prize winner of the ‘Name that Cheechako’ contest with: Gabriel Owen. The Grasshopper’s real name is Owen Gabriel. Good guessing Mandi. Since she recently had a baby boy recently, perhaps she was better positioned to ‘get inside our head’. Who knows, but Proud-Auntie will be sending her a prize shortly.

The Mrs. and I are slowly getting used to this new addition to our family. Luckily he doesn’t cry excessively and sleeps fairly well so I think the transition into parenthood will go rather smoothly. The Mrs. and I miss the unbroken nights of sleep though. Such are the trials of parents. We have yet to be peed or puked on which is a small blessing. I know it will happen eventually, but I’d rather those events continue to be in my future.

Posting will continue to be light. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all.

With the due date fast approaching the Mrs. and I finally found time to rifle through the monstrous stack of postcards in order to cull the best from the crowd. The grand prize winner (closest to name used) will be announced once the Peanut is born. Without further ado, I give you the categories and the winners:

  • Most creative: Linda B. for Kiah Thrence and Kenric Heath. Linda rearranged the letters of Nick and Heather.
  • Zaniest: Mark S. for Ylee and Michael Flash.
  • ‘Hi, my parents are hippies!’: Connie M. for Misty Dawn and Midnight Sun.
  • Most Alaskan: Bob and Ann B. for Ganuk “Snowflake” and Afuyakti “Hunter”.
  • Best use of a 1960’s pop song the parents have never heard of: Bob M. for Juno White Dove and Robert Running Bear. From the song Running Bear by Johnny Preston.
  • Best meaning: Sandi W. for Dillan (Welsh-born near the sea) Zale (Greek-power of the sea).
  • Most likely to have been used in the 1800’s: Josie S. for Faith Tansy and Matthias Methuselah.
  • Least likely to be pronounced by a teacher correctly: Kris S. for Siobhan and Muircheartaigh. Wow.
  • Most likely to require after-school judo classes: Ron and Holly S. for Aquanetta and Brook.
  • Cheeziest: Grace N. for Kerri Boo and Cody Ack.
  • Most likely to be used if we didn’t already have names picked out: Laura N. for Eden Levi and Liam Micah.
  • Best Advice: Bill and Ginny T. for “…remember the problems you gave your parents.”