With the due date fast approaching the Mrs. and I finally found time to rifle through the monstrous stack of postcards in order to cull the best from the crowd. The grand prize winner (closest to name used) will be announced once the Peanut is born. Without further ado, I give you the categories and the winners:

  • Most creative: Linda B. for Kiah Thrence and Kenric Heath. Linda rearranged the letters of Nick and Heather.
  • Zaniest: Mark S. for Ylee and Michael Flash.
  • ‘Hi, my parents are hippies!’: Connie M. for Misty Dawn and Midnight Sun.
  • Most Alaskan: Bob and Ann B. for Ganuk “Snowflake” and Afuyakti “Hunter”.
  • Best use of a 1960’s pop song the parents have never heard of: Bob M. for Juno White Dove and Robert Running Bear. From the song Running Bear by Johnny Preston.
  • Best meaning: Sandi W. for Dillan (Welsh-born near the sea) Zale (Greek-power of the sea).
  • Most likely to have been used in the 1800’s: Josie S. for Faith Tansy and Matthias Methuselah.
  • Least likely to be pronounced by a teacher correctly: Kris S. for Siobhan and Muircheartaigh. Wow.
  • Most likely to require after-school judo classes: Ron and Holly S. for Aquanetta and Brook.
  • Cheeziest: Grace N. for Kerri Boo and Cody Ack.
  • Most likely to be used if we didn’t already have names picked out: Laura N. for Eden Levi and Liam Micah.
  • Best Advice: Bill and Ginny T. for “…remember the problems you gave your parents.”