Well, the big day finally arrived and the Mrs. and I are proud parents of a baby boy. Baby and Mother are in good health, although the labor was…laborious to say the least. Thank God I’m a guy.

Mandi W. is the grand prize winner of the ‘Name that Cheechako’ contest with: Gabriel Owen. The Grasshopper’s real name is Owen Gabriel. Good guessing Mandi. Since she recently had a baby boy recently, perhaps she was better positioned to ‘get inside our head’. Who knows, but Proud-Auntie will be sending her a prize shortly.

The Mrs. and I are slowly getting used to this new addition to our family. Luckily he doesn’t cry excessively and sleeps fairly well so I think the transition into parenthood will go rather smoothly. The Mrs. and I miss the unbroken nights of sleep though. Such are the trials of parents. We have yet to be peed or puked on which is a small blessing. I know it will happen eventually, but I’d rather those events continue to be in my future.

Posting will continue to be light. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all.