So, raising a small child is no small task – as any parent who doesn’t retain the services of a nanny can tell you.  One of the few regrets I have at this point is my reading time is near kaput.  Zip.  Zero.  Non-existent.  I can pretty much only catch time when I’m traveling or in the unlikely combination of sleeping baby and no chores to do (yeah, right!).

What this means is I’m looking forward to an upcoming trip so I can finish a book I started several weeks ago and am only half way through – America’s Constitution: A Biography, by Akhil Reed Amar.  It’s a well written analysis of what the Constitution says/means and provides some great historical perspective.  I mean really, how often have you read the Constitution – NOT the first ten amendments?  Most people, myself included, focus more on those amendments than the meat of the Constitution that formulates the government, voting, etc.  It’s been an interesting read and I can’t wait to finish the last half.